Poker Canada: Is Gambling Legal in Canada and Other Facts

You might not be familiar with gambling laws in different countries. But if you’re traveling or live in Canada, you will want to read this article to learn about the gambling laws and criteria for poker in Canada. 

Gambling laws in Canada

Canada has an interesting history of gambling. Later, casinos were recognized in different provinces of Canada. In 1867, Canada adopted English laws, that were enacted by following the criminal code. The country was not in favor of gambling, and all types of gambling were banned initially. 

But this was only at first. Later on, changes were made, and in 1970, many illegal gaming activities were introduced and accessible to people. Another major decision was made in 1985; all the provinces and territories were allowed to organize charitable gaming and lotteries. Therefore, all types of gambling were available across the city. 

The rule was set that you have to be at least 19 to come to the casino in Canada, except Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, where the minimum age was 18. 

Here are some important facts about gambling: 

  • The country allowed gambling on some bases, after banning it for several years. The government set the terms that all the money earned from gambling would go directly to charity. 
  • In 1969, certain amendments were made in the criminal code; the government allowed the lottery. It was decided that the money would generate would be used as funds for the 1976 Montreal Olympics and other national activities. 
  • When the government realized that these games were bringing so much money to Canada, they allowed the expansion of these businesses. 
  • The history of online gambling started in the 1990s, and until 1996, Canada had established a commission known as Kahnawake Gaming Commission. 
  • According to Canada’s Constitution Act of 1982, which Kahnawake brought, it clearly states that it is the right of the general public to issue the gambling license to foreign providers. 
  • Although the licenses are not permitted by the law now, the people who had feared they would be caught by the government could continue to follow the culture established long ago.  
  • After 1985, the provinces started gambling online when the internet was introduced. 


Canada is a country where different cultures are promoted and celebrated. They respect various religious and racial backgrounds. They found a perfect approach for legal gambling within its borders. Many forms of gambling are allowed in Canada but with reasonable laws and regulations, which needs to be followed if you want to play poker.