Where Can A Political Science Ph.D. Work In Canada

We cannot ignore the importance that the role that political science plays in our lives. A political science Ph.D. will know the laws, as well as how public policies are formed. This gives them an advantage and opens up many potential career opportunities. If you are Canadian and are looking into this career path, take a look at some of the different paths of study, where to study, and what you can expect.

  • Public Relations: People belonging to this field maintain the image of any organization, company, or even a person. The person might be a public figure or a politician. The job can be attractive because of the salary package; however, experience and proof of your knowledge may be a requirement before getting the job you want.
  • Government Research: Experience in analysis and research is important in government sectors, and a Ph.D. in political science will help make you competitive against other job seekers. For some roles, a Ph.D. may be a minimum requirement.

It is evident that a Ph.D. degree from a reputable university will get more preference than some other schools. For example, you may look into the University of British Columbia.

  • The University of British Columbia offers a Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science. The course is based on five individual fields that include U.S. Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Canadian Politics, and Comparative Politics. The University offers seminar courses, and along with it, the professors show a very supportive attitude towards the students so that they find success in their professional lives through workshops and research collaborations.

There are several aspects to this program that make it attractive:

  1. Internal politics with homespun faculties in different subfields.
  2. Critical identity politics and political theory.
  3. Political parties, behaviors and elections.
  4. Comparative public policy.
  5. Social diversity, identity, and migration.
  6. Environmental politics.
  7. International norms and human security.

Universities gives emphasis on quantitative methods where students are allowed to use their own approach for analysis and research.

There are other schools to consider too:

  • McGill University, Quebec: McGill University is one of the leading universities that offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. You can complete your M.S. with and without a thesis. However, here, we will talk about a political science Ph.D., which is specialized in gender and women studies. It is an interdisciplinary research program where you will learn about issues around feminism, and the topic for the doctoral thesis must have an inextricable relationship with women and gender studies.
  • University Of Calgary, Calgary: The University of Calgary is different from others as they rely on dynamic teaching methods. They offer a Ph.D. program in political science, and students can be acquainted with the significant aspects of study in political science. The University has an excellent record of placement. They place doctoral students in government, law, academics, public sector, and business.

If this is a field of study that interests you, start looking into a college degree today. Government and public opinion are always shifting, so gaining an understanding of these topics can help you to start building a career.