Quebec Wildlife: Hobbyists Should Look For These Creatures

There are so many things that you can get in Quebec, but when it comes to wildlife, Quebec wildlife has its own popularity. Basically, the city is surrounded by some outstanding forests full of wild animals. Head into these habitats, and you will see these animals living in their natural habitats.

However, if you are planning to spot these creatures, you are in the right place. Here, we have added the names of wild animals belonging to Quebec wildlife, and along with this, we have elaborated on how you can spot these creatures.


The St. Lawrence estuary and the mouth or the opening area of Saguenay Fjord are popular for the richness of zooplankton. You will get to see close to 13 whale species, including blue whales, which is the largest marine mammal. Other species, such as the Beluga, spend most of the time in St. Lawrence.

Well, if you visit Quebec City, you will get to know that there is a one-day whale watching tour. If you are interested in seeing marine life, you must take part in the tour. Moreover, if you have a car, you can go to Tadoussac or Baie-Sainte-Catherine, where you will easily get a boat. From there, you can start your tour in order to watch the marine mammals.


Moose is considered as a North American giant, and they can weigh up to 650 kilograms. September is their mating season, and this is the time when they reach their full size. Moreover, they can move and run throughout forests without making a sound.

If you want to spot moose, you have to enroll yourself in moose observation tours organized by Foret Montmorency.

Black Bears

Black bears are generally discreet and timid, and they love to eat fruits, nuts, plants, fish, other animals, and insects.

Black bears generally go into hibernation throughout the cold season, and therefore, you can observe them in the summer. You can visit Aventure Inukshuk, Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau, in order to take part in the Black bear observation tour.


If we talk about rodents, beavers are certainly the biggest North American rodent. They are good swimmers, and they have good engineering skills. They build their lodges around rivers.

You need to visit Parc National de la Jacques Cartier, who organizes a beaver-watching tour as well as activities between May and October. Moreover, beavers are frequently spotted near the park’s Scotora trail.

So, this is all about Quebec wildlife and we hope that this article would be helpful for you.