Rising COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue to Strain System

The science advisory table predicts that Ontario could witness 250 and 400 COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care in January. The group recommends that there should be a rapid speed in the campaign to vaccinate kids aged 5 to 11 and public health measures should be adhered to.

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This prediction, which includes an increase in cases and ICU admissions, does not include the rising presence of the omicron variant. This has sparked uncertainties and could translate to a conservative forecast. 

“COVID will almost certainly rise through (January) even before omicron hits us in full force. Case numbers count because too many Ontarians remain un/under-vaccinated and will end up in hospital,” the expert group confirmed.

At a news conference, Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore confirmed the disconcerting nature of the model. He noted that unvaccinated people are the leading cause of the majority of hospitalizations. They are also the ones who require intensive care. “It’s absolutely preventable what is happening in our acute care sector, and I am concerned about the coming months and the potential effect on our healthcare system,” he added.

Positive test cases are on the rise 

In Ontario, test positive cases continue to increase. The rise of cases largely depends on the speed of vaccinations. The worst-case scenario could see daily cases rising to nearly 3,000. The group also projected that if vaccination of this demographic rises to about 50 percent, daily cases will be around 1,500 to 1,800 in the coming month.