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Data-driven services

Political campaigns have changed. They are no longer about running the most TV spots, sending out the most direct mail and spending the most money. There about who spends the smartest money. In today’s political world where campaigns are getting more expensive and the elections are won by the small but crucial number of votes, putting the right information in front of the right person at the right moment is more important than ever. This is what Cambridge Analytica and their revolutionary data modelling techniques can help.

Traditional political campaigns use geography and demographics like age and gender to break down voters and the target groups. This can work up to a point but misses the important personal details that really drive voter behaviour. They combine geographic and demographic information with up to 5000 data points of national, political, consumer and lifestyle behaviour for every voter in the United States. Then they add a unique extra layer of data about personality decision making and motivation. This creates an unpair allowed a rich and detailed view of voters in the issues they care about so you know exactly who to target what type of message. they called this Behavioral Microtargeting.

Their team of Data Scientists, Psychologists and Campaign Experts can show you which individual voters you need to win over in order secure victory. From highly targeted direct mail, digital and TV advertising driven by an advanced data analytics and online tracking to get old-fashioned phone banking and door knocking, they can help the clients to understand their voters like never before.

Their techniques are working across the globe from local election to US 2016 presidential race because no matter shape or scale of the race, Cambridge Analytica can help the clients to run more cost-effective campaigns that reach more voters and deliver more votes. With the support of data analytical and digital marketing teams, Cambridge Analytica is really creating the future of political campaigning.

The company is also well known for using different data from several social media platforms to operate the political campaigns in a strategic manner. With data analytical team they analyzed the targeted users which really want to give vote or likely going to vote for the nominees of the presidential election.

For the 2016 presidential campaign, they have taken a very vast quantity of demographic consumer lifestyle data and blend them with psychographic data which is modelling of personality to identify the target and communicate with people about the things they really care about. But more importantly in a way that resonates with their personalities so you can take one specific issue and communicate it in multiple ways to different audiences depending on their personalities to achieve some sort of engagement on that issue.

Cambridge Analytica uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand the consumer behaviour and competition. They actually integrate the techniques with their behavioural science methodology to identify their targeted audiences and conduct campaigns accordingly throughout the country. They believe in working with strive and enormous effort while following the company’s terms and policies to bring positive outcomes.

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