Skyscanner is a leading global travel search engine website which allows the users to plan and book flights, car hire, and hotel deals from millions of travel options at affordable prices. Skyscanner has 60 million user base every month with comprehensive range of flights, car hire, and hotels booking. Skyscanner travel portal has included with unique proprietary technology which connects the people directly to everything that the travel industry offer. Lets get straight into guide, what skyscanner is offering and how you can use it to find best possible deals

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Skyscanner lets the users to explore the flights, hotels, airports, countries, cities, city breaks, car hire, and more. Lets explore them one to one below.

Cheap Flights is providing information about cheap flights anywhere. It helps to search and book for free on hundreds of airlines and thousands of destinations across the world. It is simple, fast, and free to use. It lets to compare low cost flights to cities around the world and book your tickets through the airline and agency websites.


For an instance, if you’re having flexible dates to fly out, you can get to view the cheapest days in the month to fly. If you’re in the mood to travel in adventure cities, you can explore destinations on Skyscanner from your chosen departure airport to everywhere. In addition to these, you can also browse for flight offers to enter your travel dates and find out the best deals.


In addition to the availability of flights on Skyscanner, you can find out the best deals of hotels. It searches over 1,200,000 hotels, apartments, to provide best hotels information. It lets to compare the price, location, rating, and more. By using Skyscanner online travel search website, you can able to view hotel destinations around the world.


Car Hire

Skyscanner has included with a comprehensive car search engine. It helps to search over hundreds of destinations and compare thousands of car hire deals in order to assist you to find your perfect drive at a low price. It helps to make your trip as easy as possible.

car hire

With the help of Skyscanner, it allows to find some of the lowest car hire prices available on the website. Once you have found out the best car hire deals, it will automatically redirect you into a car rental company to make your booking. It never add the commission while booking tickets so you will get best deals at affordable prices. No matter wherever you want to go, you can simply enter your destination, pick-up and drop-off dates. It will get you top car rental companies so that you can compare and book your car within a couple of moments.

How to Use Skyscanner?

Skyscanner helps to look for a cheapest flight in a few simple steps such as:

At the top right corner of the web page, you can choose the currency that you want prices to be displayed in among the most common ones.

  • Step 2: Select the type of ticket you want

It allows the travelers to sort out the available tickets by choosing a type of ticket whether you’re searching one-way, return, or multi-city.

  • Step 3: Fill in Travel Details

Once your search has been completed, you can enter which city you want to fly from in the “From” section and your destination in “To”. Relevantly, you can choose your flight date from the calendar, the number of passengers, and the cabin class whether Premium Economy, Economy, Business, or First Class.

  • Step 4: Hit Search and Choose among the Flight Results

By default, Skyscanner displays the result from the cheapest trip to most expensive price. Here, you can filter out the search results by departure time, total journey time, airline or stops depending on your preferences.

Additionally, you can filter out the search results by choosing number of stops, journey duration, airline, etc.

Skyscanner Features

With the use of Skyscanner additional features, travelers can filter out the search results and save money.

  • Price Alerts: This feature is creating a great way to track out the prices on a particular flight. By monitoring a flight that you’re interested in, you can save money for your travel itinerary and purchasing it when Skyscanner Price Alerts send you an email that tells you that the prices have been dropped.
  • Everywhere Search: For example, if you’re flexible with the particular travel dates, you can make use of this feature to save on airfare.
  • Cheapest Month Feature: Fill in the search engine and choose departure month as departing date. It displays the monthly airfares on calendar and select the best deals among all available details.

Skyscanner App

Skyscanner App is all-in-one travel app through which travelers can book flights, hotels, and car rentals through mobile all at one place. It lets you to search for flights and car rentals, compare, and book cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals on mobile. It has included no booking fees or hidden charges and shows you best prices for your saved itinerary.

Download Skyscanner App For Android | iOS

  • Find Cheap Flights Anywhere

Skyscanner easily compares and find out the best deals for cheapest days and months to fly for your itinerary wherever you want to go.

  • Get Travel Deals and Inspiration

In order to discover inspiration for your next vacation, you can tap on explore option and find out the travel deals by month and trip category involving last minute flights from your nearest airport.

  • Set Price Alerts

Through Skyscanner App, you can never miss a deal and get a price alert. It lets to simply do search, tap the bell icon, and track flights and notify you if the price changes.

  • Earn frequent flyer miles

With the applicable airline loyalty programs, you can earn frequent flyer miles by using a mobile app.

  • Cheap Hotel Finder

On Mobile App, you can search for cheap hotel deals around the world including from hotels and apartments. It lets to find the rooms by price, location, reviews, and more to make your booking more easier. It helps to find even last minute flight bookings for tonight.

  • Book Cheap Car Rentals

In order to find the best prices deals available, you can search over world’s car rental companies on this mobile app. To find the car at affordable prices, you can choose from airport or destination city, filter by vehicle type, fuel type, and features. It is also included with fair fuel policy flag which make sure that you don’t get ripped off on fuel.

  • No Hidden Fees

It is unbiased, free to use, and no commissions added. This mobile app lets to find the same price on app that you will directly from the airline, car rental, or hotel company.

  • Tailor Your Trips

It lets to narrow down the results by choosing different filter options such as airline, stops, flight duration, travel class, departure, and destination cities.

  • Browse Recent Searches

Skyscanner App simply allows to look at your recent flight and browse for recent travel searches straight from home screen and quickly pick up where you left off.

Comparing Skyscanner with Momondo and Google Flights

Skyscanner Vs Momondo

Most of the travelers attracted to use Skyscanner owing to the best tool for providing lowest prices by searching over 22 different travel providers and airline carriers. This is cheaper than Kayak’s bottom fare and it had several offerings at this low price point unlike Momondo. Additionally, it lets you to book the flight tickets directly from American Airlines not from third party agencies. The UI of Skyscanner would be the mixing features between Momondo and Kayak.

Whereas Momondo is also a leading travel search engine site and received many accolades from leading publications for its efficiency and easy to use. When doing multi-city searches, Momondo is the better option than Skyscanner.  Momondo will show you the results by carrier, flight times, and price. Momondo also having a particular unique ranking system through which you can easily determine a good flight by combining the flight time and price.

By comparing Momondo & Skyscanner, Momondo is the best search engine tool which searches for the best possible deals. It pulls the data for a chosen itinerary route without adding any fees and shows you all available flight options. It searches over 1000 airlines, search engines, travel agencies, and other online travel discount sites.

Basically, Momondo is not a booking website. It’s a metasearch engine tool which lets to find out the best airfare deals and redirect you into booking website once you’ve found out the best flights. It includes all details such as small, budget airlines, and lesser known airlines as it works for providing lowest airfares information.

Skyscanner Vs Google Flights

Both Skyscanner and Google Flights travel search engine tools are having their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of booking,. Whilst Google Flights has focused on providing best deals for flights but Skyscanner is more well rounded with hotel searches and car hire searches.

When considering speed of searches, Google Flights and Skyscanner both are providing best results in same amount of time. If you’re looking for quick search results for flights, Google Flights might be the best tool because it has a simple and easy to use interface without adding any additional frills. When you’re looking up for hotels and car hire deals, Skyscanner could be the best travel portal to use.

Google Flights Pros and Cons

Google Flights lets to find best prices for many dates at a time by picking the cheapest date to fly out. It supports multiple departure and destination airports in a single search. Google Flights is providing you explore feature which lets to search for flights by dates, airports, and interests to discover new destinations.

On Google Flights travel portal, you can’t make a booking or purchase directly on the portal. Instead of that, you are redirected to the company which offering the service. It is providing accurate information for flights only and doesn’t provide other categories like other travel search engines do.

Skyscanner Pros and Cons

It lets to choose multiple destinations, easy to use, convenient calendar search, and find air tickets based on flexible dates and also in advance by months. It doesn’t offer a great way to search for flexible dates.

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