Summer Heatwave Expected to Be New Normal

Analyzing the present situation, we must admit that climate change has become a great matter of concern. The deadly consequences of this climate change are making the lifestyle of general people complicated as well as miserable. The increased severity and frequency of heat waves are bringing several negative consequences to the lives of general people. But, are these summer heat waves a new normal? Well, we will be disclosing this thing here.

Summer has become a deadly time for humans on this planet. Days are gone when people used to enjoy this season. The comfortable warmth of the sun used to make people happy and relaxed. But, global warming has changed the scenario. Yes, the frequency of heatwaves is rising, and therefore, during the time of extreme heatwaves, the temperature touches an intolerable level. The marine ecosystem and terrestrial ecosystem have experienced massive mortality rates in the 21st century. Unfortunately, climate change will continue and so, heat waves are becoming stronger.

Our understanding of the heat waves will be changing. The heat waves that touched the surface of Pacific North-western in the United States in the last phase of June compelled people to rethink it. It is very complex to comprehend, and scientists are also having problems explaining the frequency of temperatures. 

Talking about Seattle that is in Washington, the temperature had become 108 F. The figure is really shocking because they had never experienced such a rise in temperature. In fact, it is hotter by 9 degrees. The temperature in Texas is increased by 3 degrees. In other words, we can say that the Pacific Northwest experienced a fortuneless combination of climate change and weather. But this is not giving us a satisfying explanation. The researchers are of the opinion that climate change has achieved a new motion. The frequency of new heatwaves is poorly understood. At one point, nobody thought about it, but it is time to rethink and re-analyze the entire matter.

Anyway, more research needs to be done in order to understand this hypothesis and its deep-down mechanisms. Talking about the current explanation about the brutal heat that actually gripped the entire Northwest, it is called a heat dome. The ecosystem of heat dome is different— here, the sun increases the heat of the surface; therefore, the air becomes light, and it goes upward. Eventually, the upward light air experiences a high pressure, and therefore, it comes back and hits the surface again. Eventually, a dome-like situation is created, and the temperature becomes intolerable.

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