These Are The Main Sources Of Energy In Canada

Canada is, no doubt, a beautiful country and it is rich in various natural resources. If we talk about the main sources of energy in Canada, you will get a mixed result. In Canada, you will find an abundance of natural gas and oil. You might be thinking that these are the only energy sources of Canada. But, this is not true. Much of the energy in this nation is basically generated from renewable resources, nuclear power, coal, hydroelectricity and many more. If we talk about renewable resources, these are basically geothermal energy, solar energy and wind energy.

If you want to know more about the main energy sources in Canada, you are in the right spot. Here, we will let you know about the main sources of energy in Canada. So, do not skip the following points:


Talking about the largest oil reserves on this planet, we must mention the name of this nation. Canada is holding the third position in the list of the largest oil reserves. In the year 2019, this country produced almost 5 billion barrels of oil per day. Most of it had come from the Western part of the nation. Well, oil is one of the main sources of energy in Canada. It is basically used in order to create various transportation fuels such as jet fuel, diesel and gasoline. Moreover, it is also used for petrochemicals.


Coal is another main source of energy in Canada. Talking about the purposes, there are mainly two objectives of using coal. First, it is used for generating power and secondly, it is used for steel-making. If we talk about the names of the abundant fossil fuels, coal will grab the number one position. The nation has almost 24 active coal mines.


Hydroelectricity is another main source of energy. It is considered one of the main sources of generating electricity in Canada. This source is providing almost 60% of the total electricity of this nation.


Well, if we talk about the source that is generating commercial electricity, we must mention the nuclear power plants. These power plants have been providing electricity to the commercial sector since 1960. This sector is fulfilling almost 15% of needs. Nuclear plants are located in New Brunswick and Ontario.

Apart from these, there are some other sources such as geothermal, solar, wind and many more. We hope that you have understood the main sources of energy in Canada.