Google FlightsTips for Suppressing the Cost of Your Airline Ticket with Google Flights 

Tips for Suppressing the Cost of Your Airline Ticket with Google Flights 

Whether you’re looking to purchase an airline ticket with a rewards travel credit card or may be you’ve been putting off booking that airline ticket for a friend’s wedding or you want to travel with your family to San Diego or Paris. In this situation, you can consider many ways to help bring the cost of your travel diminishes. If you know how to navigate Google Flights effectively, you can save hundreds of dollars on flights.

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Practical Money Saving Features of Google Flights

Google Flights is an web application wherein users can able to search flights by entering a valid information that subsuming your travel dates, departures, the number of passengers and class of service, and arrival cities. Based on your entered information, it will show you a list of flights with the lowest dollar cost. The major contrast between Expedia or and Google Flights is they doesn’t sell you the ticket and it will direct you to the original airline’s website in order to book the flight tickets.


You can easily find the lowest price tickets with the use of its easy to navigate interface. The features of Google Flights ensure you to choose best flight at affordable prices during your search. Before that, you must familiar with the tools like price tracker, flexible dates calendar feature and tip bar. Here, you should remember a note that buy your airline ticket with a credit card because it helps you to earn bonus points for your airline purchases. For example, if you’ve made $625 charges for your travel, you can able to get 2X points per every $1 purchases of travel with the use of Chase Sapphire Preferred card which is best personal travel card for many people. You can also earn 3X points per $1 using a premium Amex Premier Rewards Gold Travel card but for the higher’s annual fee of $195.

Flexible Dates Calendar Feature

Flexible Dates Calendar Feature is another way to search for different prices based on the number of days and travel dates for your trip. Whether you may don’t have particular dates to travel or you want to travel for 8 or 10 days. Using flexible dates calendar feature, you can able to view specific dates for your travel.

Tip Bar

By using Tip Bar, you can view the cost savings for your travel. Accordingly, there is a date tip option which will help you to save more money by suggesting to choose a specific date. If you’re not ready to book the tickets or want to track the prices of flights, you can click on track prices button and it will provide you related information of receiving price alerts and travel tips to your registered email.

Change the selection of other alternative departure or alternative airport

Still, if you think that the price of your flight may bit pricey, you can consider other alternative airport in order to bring the cost down more. Based on choosing different airports, you can able to save hundreds of dollars flying into one vs. another. You can also decrease your cost down for your travel by changing your departure city.

For suppose, if you’re looking for a flight ticket to London from San Diego, you can change to the departure city as Los Angeles or Santa Ana to compare airfares. For a while departure cities are may not convenient for you to choose the flight tickets and saving may compensate. With the Airport tip, you can save $524 and you can gain more travel dates with more options based on changing a selection of departure and arrival cities.

Book a one-way ticket and redeem award points for return-way ticket

Whether you’ve searched for a ticket and ticket prices are more than what you want for flight prices. You can consider to book the flight ticket for one-way and redeem your airline miles for other way ticket. Most often, round-trip tickets are less than the cost of one-way but not always. If you’re facing a problem of shortage on cash, you may prefer a small stash of award points than mixing a paid ticket and an award ticket for your travel. If you’re looking for a ticket from Los Angeles to Brussels, you can choose a flight with cost of $260 and 1-stop.

You can check out for award seats on your return date from Brussels. In this way, you can save money to reach your itinerary. Similarly, you can implement same trick for business class seats and always starting the pricing by round-trip cost. If you have adequate reward points for your airline purchases of one-way ticket, your out-of-pocket ticket cost will get reduce. The business class can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars while you’re looking to spend as few of dollars as possible you can.

Get Notifications for Changing Flight Prices

You can get start to track flight prices no matter whether you’re planning for a trip. You can also find tickets at their lowest prices which is about 54 days in advance. Additionally, you can track flight prices well in advance and pay close attention to fluctuating prices at near time frame. Google Flights make easier to get notifications for prices fluctuation and it makes easier to get alerts by saving your itineraries.

Explore Vacation Destinations by Region

If you’re not travel to where to go in Asia, you can simply type Asia in search engine box, choose a month for travel, and it will prepare a list of destinations in that region along with the prices. It is very helpful when you’re searching for visiting various cities and looking for the cheapest city to fly.

Search for Hidden Layover Cities

Basically, you can find out a flight with a long layover in the city. You can run a flight search as usual under the more tab and you will view a list of stopover cities that you can select or deselect.

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