Volcanoes That Are Active in Canada

There are many Canadians who are completely unaware of the fact that there are many volcanos that are still active in Canada. It is basically the western part of Canada where you will see active volcanos. You might be surprised to know that in the past 10,000 years, the Yukon Territory and British Columbia experienced almost 49 eruptions of volcanos. Well, the interesting thing is that the forces that caused this volcanic eruption are still active. Therefore, some of these volcanos can erupt again. Unfortunately, nobody knows when it will happen again.

If we talk about the names of the active volcanoes in Canada, we must talk about Meager, Cayley, and Garibaldi. These are some well-known volcanoes that are located in the southwest part of British Columbia. Apart from these, we must talk about Edziza, Volcano Mountain, Hoodoo, Lava Fork, Tseax and Nazko. These are located in remote areas. Volcanoes that are located nearby the Western United States and Alaska can also affect Canada. For example, we must talk about Mount Baker that is one of the American volcanoes that affected Canada. This volcano is located only 23 km south of the border of Canada. It was about 150 years ago when the last volcanic eruption took place. It happened in the north-western part of British Columbia in Canada.

If we specifically talk about the explosive volcanic eruption, we must talk about mount Meager. It was almost 2350 years ago when the deadly and explosive volcanic eruption took place. You can still find the layer of ash that came out due to the volcanic eruption in Alberta.

Volcanic Areas In Canada

If we talk about the volcanic areas in Canada, there are almost five volcanic areas. All of them are located in the Yukon Territory and British Columbia. We have elaborated them here:

  • Wells Gray Clearwater Volcanic Field: Well, Wells Gray Clearwater Volcanic Field is one of the active volcanoes in Canada. It is located in the east-central part of British Columbia.
  • Garibaldi Volcanic Belt: The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt is another active volcano in Canada. It is located in the southwest part of British Columbia. It is also known as the northern extended part of the American Cascade.
  • Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province: It is located in the northwest part of British Columbia.
  • Anahim Volcanic Belt: The Anahim Volcanic Belt is located in the central part of British Columbia.
  • Wrangell Volcanic Belt: This is adjacent to the Yukon Territory.

So, these are some volcanos that are active in Canada.