What Are the Languages Spoken in Canada?

Canada is known for its popular tourist spots, traditional breakfast, kind people, and maple syrup. There are many more things that might surprise you if you ever visit this wonderful country! Yes, it is a multicultural country, and linguistic diversity is very common. If we talk about the provinces, there are a total of 10 provinces, and you will find people who speak different languages. 

You will find even more linguistic diversity in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto as these areas are home to many people who immigrated and brought along their culture. However, if we talk about the main languages spoken in Canada, they are French and English. Along with these two languages, there are many more languages spoken in this beautiful country. We have made a brief breakdown of the most commonly spoken languages.


English is one of the two official languages of Canada. If you have a working knowledge of this particular language, you can easily travel to Canada. There will be no problem communicating with people. You might be surprised to know that almost 83 percent of people living in Canada are capable of conducting conversations in English. If we eliminate Nunavut and Quebec, where Inuit is considered as the mother tongue, you will get to know that almost 58.1% of people of Canada’s total population can speak English.


French is another official language of Canada. It is one of the most commonly spoken languages after English in Canada. The number of people who can speak both French and English fluently is only 17.9 percent. You will see people speaking French in Quebec. Along with this, there is a large number of communities that can speak French fluently. They mainly live outside the La Belle Province. This is why the Federal Government of Canada provides all the services in two official languages so that people do not have any problem to understand.


Another language that is popularly spoken in Canada is Mandarin. It is the sole language of almost 6.2 percent of people living in Canada. If we talk about the metropolitan cities, you will find that Mandarin is one of the commonly spoken languages.


Cantonese is another popular language spoken in Canada. It is similar to the Chinese language.


The fifth most commonly spoken language in Canada in Punjabi. People living in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary speak this language. It is a language of native cultures found in Canada.

If you are traveling to Canada, we hope this list of information is helpful in helping you to communicate better with those around you.