What Are The Rules For American Citizens Working In Canada?

There are many reasons why American citizens would want to work in Canada. Possibly they want to immigrate to that country, be able to see more of their family or friends, or simply there are more work opportunities for them. But can an American citizen simply walk across the border and get a job?

Of course not. If you are an American citizen and want to work in Canada, this article is for you. Below is a look at how American citizens can get jobs in Canada.

American Citizens Working in Canada

First of all, you need a work permit or visa to work in Canada. But the regulations are filled with complexities and it varies depending upon the type of job you are planning to do. If you are an American citizen and want to visit Canada for any business purpose, you can stay without any work permit for 6 months. If you are a news journalist or part of a religious ministry, you also do not need a work permit. 

But, if you are there for any other types of jobs, you need a work permit, and along with it your employer must obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). 

In the following section, you will find out how you can get a work permit and what an LMO is. So, don’t skip it.

Canadian Work Permit for American Citizens

It has become very easy for the American citizens to get a work permit in Canada because of the USMCA, which stands for United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. However, there are still some requirements which you need to follow. 

  • An offer letter from a Canadian employer is required.
  • The job offer must be in the USMCA agreement.
  • You must have the necessary documentation so that you can prove yourself a citizen of the United States.
  • You have to demonstrate that you have adequate experience as well as educational qualification for the job that you have been offered.
  • Your employer must obtain a positive LMO while giving you a copy of your work permit application. The LMO assures that there is no Canadian candidate who is eligible for the job that you have been offered.

If you are looking to get a job in Canada, make sure to inform the employer of your American status and whether this will disqualify you from the position.

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