What Did The Canadian Health Care Act Do?

Standing in the 21st century, we can confidently say that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries. If we talk about the Canadian health care system, it is very dynamic. 

Several reforms have been done over the past few decades, and that are planned in the future. Changes will be made depending upon the current situation. However, the basics will remain the same. Health care services will be provided to those who are in need. The emphasis will be given to the needy people and not on the financially advantaged.

Government’s Role

Well, the fact is that the Canadian Constitution determines the role of the health care system of Canada. The responsibilities and roles are divided among territorial governments, the provincial government, and the federal government. When it comes to delivering social and health services, the territorial and provincial governments play the most important role. On the other side, the federal government generally delivers essential services to specific groups of people.

How Health Care Services Are Given

The health care service of Canada has an interlocking set. It consists of three territorial health systems and ten provincial health care systems. The system is designed in such a way so that it can provide special access to a large range of health care services.

Primary Health Care Services

Primary health care service is the first fundamental point of the Canadian health care system. If people in Canada need health care, they will go to primary health care services. 

Here, they will make the first contact with the Canadian health care system. The primary health care services conduct dual functions. First, it makes a direct arrangement of first-contact health care services. Secondly, the primary health care service coordinates the patient’s health to ensure the regularity of care across various health care systems. As a result, the patient will get health care whenever the person requires specialized services.

The services in primary health care services are completely comprehensive. Here, the patients will get treatment of common injuries and diseases. Moreover, this sector provides basic emergency services, and along with it, it makes coordination with other higher sectors so that the patient gets special care in an emergency.

This can include access to a care provider who can answer questions, like how to create an exercise plan, mental health services, or whether certain medications or supplements may be right for you, like those from Nordic Naturals, Quicksilver Scientific, and Thorne Research.

Secondary Services

In the case of secondary services, the patient will get specialized care, and along with it, long-term care will also be provided. Such a service can be provided in the institution, community, and home.

So, this is what the Canadian Health Care Act does. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.