What Is The Climate Like In Canada?

If you have ever visited Canada, you are acquainted with the fact that the weather is very diverse.

You will experience a different climate in different parts of Canada. Basically, Canadian people living in areas situated near to the U.S. border face four distinct seasons. If we talk about the temperature, it goes up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer, and on the other side, and down to negative 25 degrees Celsius in the winter. The spring is more temperate, with cooler weather.

Summer in Canada is hot and humid, sp if you are planning to visit Canada, spring is the ideal time as the entire country becomes much more pleasant. Fall is not a bad option either, as during this season you will experience cool and crisp weather with a chance to see rich colors of orange and red.

The climate is very different during winter months, especially in norther areas. However, the infrastructure in Canada is designed to fend off these cold periods thanks to strong heating in homes and public transportation, snow plows, and much more.

Strange Facts About The Climate In Canada

There is a strange fact that we must mention; otherwise, the article will be considered as an incomplete one.

South Alberta Is Called ‘Chinook’ Capital

During the winter, you might be surprised to know that the temperature can go up to 41 degrees celsius in South Alberta. This happens because of hurricane-force winds coming off the Rocky Mountains speed into the area at 120 km/h, resulting in a sharp rise in temperature. But this only occurs for a short period before the temperate drops again. This wind is called “Chinook” and is only seen in southern Alberta, which is why this place is called the “Chinook” capital.