What Is the Oldest City in Canada and Why Is It Noteworthy

Canada is situated in the northern part of North America, and is considered one of the world’s second-biggest countries. But what is the oldest city in Canada? Canada has a long and rich history to explore, but we aren’t here to talk about that.

The oldest city in Canada is Saint John, New Brunswick. It was founded on June 24, 1604, by Samuel De Champlain, and it was incorporated on May 18, 1785. It is also the oldest city in all of North America, and it is also the capital city of Newfoundland and the Labrador Province.

The city is located on a rocky point near the Saint John River. It has a rich history as well as there being a significant amount of things that you can do here. We have made a list covering of some of the best areas of the city to check out.

Reversing Falls, Skywalk And Stonehammer Geopark

The tremendous force of the Bay of Fundy tides creates a waterfall that generally flows upstream. As a result, it makes the Saint John River flow backward, and massive whirlpools are formed. You can observe this mind-blowing view from Reversing Falls Bridge as here, an observation platform is made using glass floor panels. You can also see the drastic rush of water at Stonehammer Geopark, which is the only North American UNESCO listed geopark.

Irving Nature Park

Irving Nature Park is another attractive point found in the oldest Canadian city. It was established in order to protect the Bay of Fundy shoreline. The park consists of a salt marsh, long sandy beach, forests, volcanic rock, and mudflats that together reflect six different ecosystems. Along with these, it has more than 250 different marine and migratory birds. Recently, a children’s park consisting of two cedar hedge mazes and a playground were built, along with many picnic spots where you can enjoy a few beautiful moments with your family.

New Brunswick Museum

If you want to get the taste of the rich history and culture of this city, you must visit this museum that exhibits the art and culture of this particular province. It has everything for all ages. The Great Hall of Whales will definitely be loved by the kids, and along with it, it has a bright, interactive area that will be perfect for younger children.

So, this is all about the oldest city in Canada, and we hope that this article peaked your interest to learn more about this amazing country!