What Region has the Highest population In Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and here, “sorry” flies like a swarm of bees. Well, it indicates the empathetic mindset of Canadian people, and the topic of this article is related to this. Yes, we are going to talk about the Region that has the highest population in Canada. But, before getting into that, we must know the geographical location and overall population of Canada.

If we talk about the geographical location of Canada, it is situated in the most northern portion of North America. In other words, we can say that the country borders three oceans. It extends north to the Arctic Ocean, to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and to the Pacific Ocean in the west. The entire southern part of this country borders the United States.

In Canada, a population census is conducted every five years, and according to the census report of 2016, Canada has 35 million people, a 5% increase from 2011. There are many reasons for this growth. Some of it comes from improving the health of citizens who are taking advantage of healthcare opportunities and thinking more about their health by using supplements from brands like MaxiVision, Integrative Therapeutics, and Acure Organics.

However, despite having such a large population, it is not equally distributed across the available land area. If we talk about the areas having the largest surface area, Canada has the lowest population density, and there are many regions such as Southern Ontario where the population density is very low. In Canada, the most crowded provinces are Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. You might be surprised to know that these four provinces contain more than 85% of Canada’s population. But, among these, Ontario has the highest population in Canada.


We are starting with the geographical location of Ontario, and it is the east-central part of Canada. It is the most crowded Region with around 14 million people. Ontario, which is also considered as the financial district of Canada, holds more than 38% of the country’s population. 

Immigration is playing one of the biggest roles in the growth of the population, with Ontario seeing an influx of people from around the world to help fill job opportunities, attend school, and contribute to the overall economic advancement of the country. Looking ahead, Ontario and any other regions of Canada are looking to benefit from growing populations.