What You Need to Know About Canadian Political Parties

Canada houses numerous political parties. Keeping track of all of them can pose a challenge, as there are four national ones, and even more than that, when you go down to the provincial level. Here are the basic things that you need to know about the Canadian political parties. 

What is the Canadian political party system?

The political parties of Canada have a big role to play in their overall government system. The function of their parliament depends upon how well the political parties are functioning. The house of commons is responsible for choosing the prime minister, as well as the prime minister’s cabinet. The second-largest number of seats secured by the party becomes the Official Opposition.

The political parties of Canada function in a hierarchical manner. You will see one person at the top who plays the role of boss for the entire party. This leader is responsible for making the policy of the party. He also determines the place of his party in terms of the political issues of today. 

Every politician that works under him, like the senate, and the people that belong to the house of commons, is expected to agree to is agenda and support it. If any politician fails to follow suit, the leader has the authority to expel him. When the federal elections arrive, the people that can run for prime minister are all the party leaders.

The members of the Canadian political parties are the people who hold a card-carrying membership. They have to pay a fee on a yearly basis for that. These party members choose the local candidates as well as the leader of the party. They also are responsible for amending the party constitution and taking care of other internal matters of the party.

Being a member of the party has many perks. However, it is estimated that not more than one or two percent of the members actually proceed to hold their membership. The ones who do, are the ones who are dedicated completely to politics, like politicians’ relatives, or their employees. 

The Party System of Canada Today

The Canadian system runs on the two-party agenda. This principle is based on the fact that there are always two major parties that dominate the governing system of Canada. 

One of them is the right (favoring limited government and social tradition,) and the other one is left (favoring activist government and social reform). 

These two parties continue to function, while a third party also operates, which could be right or left. The third party looks to overthrow any one of the bigger two parties. Who you vote for matters, because the party that holds power will guide what policies they approve and disapprove.