Why Did Minks in Canada Develop COVID-19?

Minks look cute and small, and you might wonder how a cute animal can harm humans. Well, sometimes an unexpected source becomes responsible for the deadliest incidents. According to news, they are the only proven animal that can re-infect humans. Therefore, it is hampering the total effort to prevent the spread of this deadly coronavirus. Well, these tiny animals did not make any major contribution to the spread of the deadly coronavirus yet. But, in the Netherlands, it was seen that a mink was infected with the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. After that, in April, the worker in the mink farm was infected with the COVID-19 virus. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is of the opinion that mink-to-human and human-to-mink transmission can happen. After that, several instances of mink infections have been found in various countries such as the United States, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, and Denmark.

COVID-19 Outbreak in a Canada Mink Farm

COVID-19 outbreak has been seen at a mink farm in the British Columbia of Canada. Health officials are of the opinion that there are almost eight people who have been tested COVID-19 positive. The health workers are testing the employees as well as the animals in order to control the expansion of this deadly virus.

The Agricultural Ministry of British Columbia said that such coronavirus outbreak is entirely limited to one mink farm. Samples have been collected and delivered to the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease. Well, according to a report of 2017, there are almost 200 mink farms across the country. The safety measures have been taken in those mink farms as well.

Well, Denmark confirmed that mink was responsible for the new COVID-19 outbreak. But, if we talk about the scenario of Canada, the picture is unclear yet. Denmark authorities have confirmed that the COVID-19 strain can move into the human body from mink and this is why Canada is planning to take some actions to spread the virus from mink.

Important Facts

  • Well, the Fraser Health Authority did not explain how the virus spread among the farmworkers. The samples have been collected and they are being tested.
  • According to the health authorities, there was a restriction on the transportation of goods, and animals from the farms.
  • In short, the mink farms where the density is very high are ideal locations for COVID-19 spread.
  • The Agricultural Ministry said that some animals are delivered to the Winnipeg National Testing Facility to find out the actual reason.

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