Worsening Droughts Taking Toll on Ecosystems

Drought impacts and drought are nothing but the two sides of the same coin. If you want to fully understand what drought is, you need to understand the outcomes of it. It can affect the entire ecosystem as well as the communities. Understanding the societal vulnerability and drought conditions will help you to deal with the upcoming drought condition.

If you compare drought with other natural disasters, you will see a big difference. Other natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes announce their arrival. However, on the other side, if we talk about drought, it does not give any sign of massive entrance. In the beginning, you might not understand. Over the course of time, it will show its deadly consequences. According to a survey, for the past few decades, drought has been affecting more people than any other natural disaster.


Drought is most of the time characterized by ‘lack of rain’. A general person suffering from water shortage is one of the common problems of drought. Well if we talk about the intensity of the outcomes, it basically varies from one region to another region. The weather pattern of a particular area plays the most important role. Well, developing nations are highly vulnerable to the deadly impacts of drought. It deeply hampers the economy.

Types Of Drought

There are different types of drought. You need to know them properly to understand how it is taking a toll on ecosystems.

Meteorological Drought

Well, this type of drought occurs when rainfall falls very short of the expectation. This type of drought depends upon the weather condition of that region.

Agricultural Drought

In this scenario, the farmers do not get an adequate amount of water for the livestock and crops. It might have a close connection with the meteorological drought. When access to the water supply gets reduced, this type of drought happens.

Causes Of Drought

Talking about the causes of drought, these are as follows:

Natural Causes

Well, there a different types of natural causes that lead to drought. The heat and moisture in the sea, land, and air set the tone of the weather condition. If it is lacking in moisture, there will not be enough rainfall. In such a situation, you will not have enough options left.

Manmade Cause

There are many manmade causes. One of them is the emission of greenhouse gas. It can lead to drought and eventually, it will affect the global ecosystem.

By now, you have understood how worsening droughts are taking a toll on ecosystems.